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High speed rail project

Fast, reliable, comfortable, information, economy and environment compatibility are the basic characteristics of high-speed railway. Many countries in the world are building new lines or rebuilding existing lines to develop high-speed railway transportation.

In China, it is imminent to build the first Qinhuangdao-Shenzhen passenger dedicated line with a speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour, and the construction of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway is just around the corner. This will open the prelude to the development of high-speed railways in China, set off a wave of discussion on high-speed railways, track the advanced technology of world railways, and promote the development of science and education.

It is against this historical background that the compilation of this book came into being. This book collects the successful experience of civil engineering development of high-speed railway at home and abroad and the latest research results of Railway Engineering nowadays. Combining with the actual situation of Qin-Shen passenger dedicated line and Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway planned in China, it mainly introduces the structure, design, standards, construction, maintenance and management of high-speed railway lines, tracks, subgrade, bridges and tunnels. And so on. The book is rich in connotation and detailed in discussion, involving both theoretical discussion and development trends, and has strong practical and reference value.

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