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How to distinguish the performance of geogrids?

Bi-directional plastic tension geogrid is made of macromolecule polymer through extrusion, plate forming, punching process and then longitudinal and transverse stretching. The material has great tensile strength both in longitudinal and transverse directions. The structure of plastic geogrid can also provide an ideal interlocking system for bearing and diffusing more effective forces in the soil, which is suitable for large-scale permanent bearing foundation.

Unidirectional plastic tension geogrid is formed by extruding polymer into thin plate, punching regular pore network, and then stretching longitudinally. In the process of plastic geogrid, the macromolecule becomes directional linear state and forms a long elliptical network integral structure with uniform distribution and high joint strength. This structure has relatively high tensile strength and modulus.

Steel-plastic composite geogrid is made of high-strength steel wire (or other fibers), specially treated, polyethylene (PE) and other additives. By extrusion, the geogrid manufacturer becomes a composite high-strength tension strip, and the surface has rough compression lines, which is a high-strength reinforced geotechnical strip. Thus, the reinforced geogrids are formed by single strip welding (ultrasonic welding machine) with special strengthening bonding technology, which is made up of longitudinal and transverse layouts according to certain spacing or clamping arrangement.

Fiberglass geogrid is a kind of network structure material made of fiberglass by a certain braiding process. In order to protect the fiberglass and improve the overall performance, it is made of fiberglass geocomposite by a special coating process. The main components of glass fiber are: silicon oxide, inorganic material, glass fiber geogrid has very stable physical and chemical properties, and has high strength, high modulus, high wear resistance and excellent cold resistance, no long-term creep; good thermal stability; network structure makes aggregate locked and restricted; improve the bearing capacity of asphalt mixture. Because the surface is coated with special modified asphalt, it has double composite properties, which greatly improves the wear resistance and shear capacity of geogrids.

The warp knitted polyester geogrid is made of polyester polyester fiber. The warp knitted geogrid has high tensile strength, small elongation, large tear strength, small difference in longitudinal and transverse strength, ultraviolet aging resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and light weight. It has a strong interlocking force with soil or gravel, and has a significant effect on strengthening shear resistance and reinforcing and improving the integrity and loading force of soil.

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