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Construction process of Geogrid

Geogrid construction technology process Geogrid construction technology process is:

Detection and Cleaning of Lower Bearing Layer Artificial Laying Geogrid Lapping, Binding, Fixing Paving Upper Subgrade Soil Rolling Detection.

Geogrid is laid on the flat lower bearing layer according to the width required by the design. The upper and lower fillings should ensure that there is no debris in the geogrid. When laying the geogrid, the direction of high strength is arranged perpendicular to the axis of the embankment. Geotechnical grilles are laid horizontally. When laid, they are tightened and stretched to avoid wrinkles, twists or pits. The overlap method is adopted for the longitudinal splicing of geogrids, and the overlap width is not less than 20 cm.

After laying the geogrid, the upper packing is laid manually, and the compaction is completed in time to avoid long-term exposure to the sun. Then the mechanical conveying, leveling and rolling are adopted. The mechanical spreading and rolling are pushed from both sides to the middle, and the compaction is carried out from both sides to the middle. The compaction degree keeps up to the standard requirements.

All construction vehicles and construction machinery shall be prevented from running or parking on the paved geogrid. The quality of geogrid shall be checked at any time during construction. When damage such as breakage, piercing or tearing is found, repair or replace the geogrid according to the degree of damage.

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