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What should we pay attention to in the field and water conservancy project?

First, it is suggested to select thick geotextiles, which can not only isolate and protect, but also increase the ground temperature and prevent frost heave damage of water canals. In Binzhou Water Conservancy Project, 200 grams of geotextiles from Hongxiang New Materials Stock Company are selected as the bottom protection of stone masonry layer. 1 has played a very good role.

Secondly, it is suggested to choose the national standard geotextiles, which are vulnerable to the destruction of masonry in the channel. Meanwhile, the non-standard operation of the constructors may cause damage to the geotextiles. Because of its high strength, the national standard geotextiles always maintain excellent performances in piercing resistance and durability. On the contrary, the strength of non-standard geotextiles provided by other enterprises decreases rapidly because of excessive use of recycled materials. Once a little damage is done, it will cause extensive damage and lead to the failure of the whole project.

Thirdly, it is suggested that the appropriate width and length should be chosen according to the specific length and overlap of the channel section, and at the same time, it is convenient for workers to construct. The recommended product is 6 meters wide and 50 meters coil length, which achieves good results. 4. Good product protection, geotextile products are not easily exposed to long-term sunlight, in storage and construction should pay attention to product protection, use plastic film or other cover to do a good job of sunscreen, waterproof treatment.

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