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Advantages and Application of Glass Fiber Geogrid


1. No long-term creep - as a reinforcing material, it is very important to have the ability to resist deformation under long-term load, that is, creep resistance. Glass fibers will not creep, which ensures that the product can maintain performance for a long time.

2. Compatibility with asphalt mixture - Glass fiber geogrid is designed for asphalt mixture in the post-treatment process. Each fiber is fully coated and has a high compatibility with asphalt, thus ensuring that glass fiber geogrid in the asphalt layer will not isolate from the asphalt mixture, but firmly bond together.

3. High tensile strength and low elongation - glass fiber geogrid is made of glass fiber, which has high deformation resistance and fracture elongation less than 3%.

4. Aggregate interlocking and restriction - because the glass fiber geogrid is a network structure, aggregate in asphalt concrete can penetrate through it, thus forming a mechanical interlocking. This restriction hinders the movement of aggregates, so that asphalt mixture under load can achieve better compaction state, higher load-bearing capacity, better load transfer performance and smaller deformation.


1. Road renovation works to prevent cracks caused by uneven settlement of old and new joints.

2. Old asphalt concrete pavement, reinforced asphalt surface, disease prevention.

3. Shrinkage cracks occur in semi-steel base of newly-built roads, and reinforcement prevents pavement cracks caused by reflection of base cracks.

4. Cement Concrete Pavement Rebuilding composite pavement, restraining plate shrinkage and other causes reflective cracks.

5. Reinforcement treatment of soft soil foundation is beneficial to water evolution and consolidation of soft soil, effectively restraining settlement, uniform stress distribution and enhancing the overall strength of roadbed.

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